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General questions was launched January 24, 2017 and offers users a free downline builder for the top Bitcoin affiliate programs. Boost your referrals and earn commissions from sales with our easy-to-use system.
NO! Coin Referrals is a free service to build referrals to other affiliate program websites. You never have to pay to use our services or to withdraw your earnings from us. If you want to unlock all features of Coin Referrals, you can Upgrade to Pro account but is 100% Optional!

We never promise any kind of Return-on-Investment or pay out interest for deposits. We do not guarantee earnings to any of the programs because all earnings depend on how much you promote your referral link.
The best part about our system, is you don't need a website to make money! Membership includes a personalized Programs page embedded with your affiliate links! Whenever your referrals signup to the various programs, they will automatically be added as your referrals. That means you will earn Commissions from any sales generated through your referral links!
Payments for Upgrades, Advertising and Pro Referral Commissions are sent/received using Bitcoin. Top Programs featured on Coin Referrals must pay out in Bitcoin in order to be approved. You can create a free Bitcoin wallet at
Yes! You can create a Free account and take advantage of our Downline Builder system to build referrals. You will also earn 10% commissions on Pro referral upgrades. You never have to pay or upgrade if you don't want to!
Yes! We never sell or share our user information with 3rd parties.
Earnings depend on the amount of work you put into the program. Also how creative you are in finding quality sources of traffic. Regardless, you can earn a substantial income from referral commissions with all the various affiliate programs featured on this site.
You can continue to earn commissions and build referrals with us for Free, or if you want to maximize your earnings upgrade to Pro! Get 50% commission on Direct Referrals and 10% commission on Indirect Pro referrals with Pro account. Pro users can add (2) Member Choice programs that are shown 3 levels deep!
Minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC
Payments are usually processed within 24 hours, but can take up to 3 days to complete. You will receive an email when your payment is sent.
All image sizes are accepted, but will be scaled to 468x60px in the ad space. You will be able to Preview your Ad before you send payment. Square banners will be distorted looking, and most rectangular banners will look fine.

Banner sizes of 468x60px and 728x90px work best.
Advertising orders include Hit and Impression tracking along with your order information. You will be emailed a confirmation with a link to view stats when your advertisement goes live.


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